Antalya Transportation Master Plan 2040

With the Antalya Transportation Master Plan (ANT-UAP) study for target year 2040, it is aimed to analyse and regulate the city in coordination by considering upper and lower scale plan decisions and to provide solutions to transportation and traffic problems by prioritizing public transportation systems and environment-friendly transportation modes.

The travel demand forecast model bases have been formed with the surveys and counts conducted throughout Antalya within the scope of ANT-UAP. Population, employment, labour force, number of students, income status and car ownership forecasts were made within the scope of the study in order to provide input to the model in determining the travel demand forecasts to be made in the ANT-UAP target year (2040). Forecasts of socioeconomic data were carried out in parallel with 1/25,000 scale Master Development Plan study.

Strategic decisions regarding urban transportation have been taken in order to minimize the negative effects of the number of trips increasing with the rapidly increasing population and car ownership on urban transportation. Basic Strategies;

  • Managing Increasing Highway Demand - Demand Management
  • Increasing Attractiveness of Public Transport - Public Transport Oriented Development
  • Creating High Capacity, Fast, Demand Attracting Main Public Transport Backbones
  • Increasing Efficiency of the Long Distance Travels with Transfer Centers
  • Balancing the Highway Pressure on the Central Business Area
  • Developing Smart Growth Decisions in Transportation

Alternative scenarios were created in order to meet the travel demand towards target year 2040 and to find solutions to the problems and inadequacies forecasted with this demand. 12 different backbone public transport proposals, 4 alternative scenarios were assessed and the most suitable corridors and Main Plan Scenario were created.

  • Province ANTALYA
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

    Transportation Planning and Rail System Department

  • Work Schedule 2015-2017
  • Scope of the Work
    • Analysis of Existing Conditions
    • Collection of New Information
    • Analysis of Existing Problems and Inadequacies
    • Creating Model Inputs
    • Target Year Socioeconomic Projections and Travel Forecasts
    • Alternative Scenarios
    • Transportation Master Plan
    • Rail System Planning
    • Wheeled Public Transport Planning
    • Marine Transportation Planning
    • Transfer Center Arrangements
    • Intermediate Public Transport Planning
    • Intercity and Surrounding Settlement Terminal Area Planning
    • Pedestrian Transportation Planning
    • Disabled Transportation Planning
    • Bicycle Transportation Planning
    • Rad Arrangements
    • Parking Lt Arrangements
    • Urban Freight Transportation Arrangements
    • Institutional Structure Proposals