Bursa Transportation Master Plan 2035

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality (BBB) prepared the Bursa Transportation Master Plan (BUAP), whose plan target year is 2030, in 2011, and this plan was approved by the Metropolitan Assembly. With the law numbered 6360, which came into force in 2012, it was decided to renew the existing transportation master plan of the BBB in 2018 to cover the expanding planning area.

Within the scope of the 2035 BUAP business, transportation problems and bottlenecks are resolved within the framework of the Environmental Plan (ÇDP) and Master Plan (NIP), reorganization of transportation and traffic infrastructure and management, prioritizing public transportation systems, expected to occur in the city today and expected in the future. It is aimed to develop “Solution Suggestions to be Applied in the Short, Medium and Long Term” for the solution of transportation problems.

Within the scope of the study, information on Bursa's urban structure and current transportation system was collected. Field studies were carried out to collect data of various qualities that are not currently available for the national and local database. With the calibration of the transportation model and the creation of the target year projections, various mathematical models were used to identify the transportation problems of the city by identifying the existing problems and deficiencies.

Since the work carried out was carried out in line with the updating of the transportation model; BUAP-2011 model study has been taken into account while dividing the study area in Bursa into analysis regions. The Demand Forecasting Model was rerun with 2011 data and a validity test was performed and new parameters were calculated. Then, the model was re-run over 2018 transportation network with 2018 data and calibrated by comparing with 2018 field research results.

In line with the projections made, 21 alternative rail system line routes were designed to determine the future transportation needs and to meet the needs. Each of the designed lines has been classified under 7 different development scenarios by classifying them to serve different regions and tested with the model. These alternative scenarios were evaluated based on performance criteria using the multi-criteria evaluation method and the most suitable scenario for the city's structure was selected.



  • Province BURSA
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client


  • Work Schedule 2018-2019
  • Scope of the Work
    • Current Due Diligence
    • Collection of New Information
    • Detection of Current Problems and Deficiencies
    • Creating Model Entries
    • Target Year Socioeconomic Projections and Travel Forecasts
    • Alternative Scenarios
    • Transportation Master Plan
    • Rail System Planning
    • Wheeled Public Transport Planning
    • Transfer Center Arrangements
    • Intermediate Public Transport Planning
    • Intercity and Environmental Settlement Terminal Areas Planning
    • Pedestrian Transport Planning
    • Disabled Transport Planning
    • Bicycle Transportation Planning
    • Highway Regulations
    • Parking Arrangements
    • Urban Freight Transport Regulations
    • Institutional Building Recommendations