Diyarbakir Transportation Master Plan 2040 Update

Diyarbakir Urban Transportation Master Plan targeted at 2025 and prepared by the Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, was approved in 2012 by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM), which is affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. A decision has been made to update the Diyarbakır Transportation Master Plan (DUAP), which was prepared in 2012, by taking the target year 2040  as a result of both the nature of the study and the legal legislation.

In order to determine the travel forecasts for the 2040 target year, target and interim year estimations were made for the population, employment, labor force, number of students, income, automobile ownership values that will be inputs to the four-stage transportation demand forecasting model.

According to the results of the transportation demand forecasting model, the distribution of the expected journeys for the 2040 target year by transportation types is shaped in line with the adopted planning targets and strategies.

Diyarbakir Transportation Master Plan is a holistic transportation system that supports public transportation-oriented development in accordance with the principles of sustainable urban transportation planning, encourages environmentally friendly, non-motorized transportation modes, contributes to the economy by providing effective and efficient management of transportation, and protects public health and welfare has been reconstructed with an understanding that Investments to be made in the short, medium and long term and the priorities of these investments have been determined according to the following topics:

  • Province DİYARBAKIR
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality

    Department of Transportation

  • Work Schedule 2020-2020
  • Scope of the Work
    • Determine the Current Situation
    • Collection of New Information
    • Target Year Projections and Identifying Future Problems
    • Creating the Traffic Model
    • Creating Alternative Scenarios
    • Preparation of Diyarbakır Transportation Master Plan