Erzurum Urban Transportatıon Master Plan 2030

In the study of the Erzurum Transportation Master Plan (EUAP), all transport modes are balanced, integrated and diverse; facilities maintained using existing technology, optimized for current and future users safe and efficient land use and sustainable transport planning based on the method of smart growth is targeted.

The preparatory work includes the necessary field and information gathering activities for all stages. As a result of EUAP New Information studies, information such as trip values and projections have been obtained and modelling studies have been carried out in the light of this information. Below is the information about the field work carried out in Erzurum.

While Erzurum Transportation Master Plan was being created;

  •    Directing/managing transportation demand
  •    Having a sustainable urban plan
  •    Integration with existing systems
  •    Physically and economically viable
  •    Access to travel shooting and production points
  •    Providing access to the center
  •    Compliance with urban development envisaged by zoning plans

Using the existing transport infrastructure for the determination of the principles to be adopted for the target year. In this context, the main backbone lines of the public transportation priority transportation plan proposed for Erzurum are as follows;

  • Province ERZURUM
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality

    Transportation Department

  • Work Schedule 2012-2013
  • Scope of the Work
    • Collection and Evaluation of Available Information
    • Collection and Evaluation of New Information
    • Creation of the Transportation Model
    • Inadequacy Analysis
    • Alternatif Toplu Taşım Yol Selection of Alternative Public Transport Road Network-Type Plan from Alternatives
    • Development of Transportation Master Plan
    • Creating a Line Structure
    • Transportation and Traffic Improvement Studies and Projects
    • Preparation of Rail System Preliminary Projects
    • Preparation of Feasibility Studies