Eyüpsultan Traffic Master Plan

The main purpose of the Eyüpsultan District Traffic Master Plan Study is to identify the urgent needs and problems that arise within the Eyüpsultan city center and to develop solutions. It is aimed to prepare the necessary preliminary projects and plans by determining the short-term works, taking into consideration the transportation investments of other institutions that are already underway, planned, or whose projects are prepared throughout the district.

Rail System Plan Proposal for District-wide By Analyzing Current and Planned Rail System Lines
The purpose of the report is to analyze the existing, under construction and projected rail system lines.
proposals within the scope of construction, problem determination of these lines, and increasing access to public transportation is formed.

Eyüpsultan district is located on the European side of Istanbul, on the Çatalca peninsula. The district is surrounded by Kagithane and Beyoglu in the east, Fatih and Zeytinburnu in the south, and Bayrampasa and Gaziosmanpasa in the west.

the project area;

Studies carried out within the scope of preparing the traffic master plan;

  • District-wide recommendation parking strategy report
    • Creating a parking lot inventory
    • Determination of parking analysis areas
    • Determination of parking need
    • Developing parking lot strategy suggestions
  • Rubberized public transport recommendations
    • Analysis of current situation
    • Rubber wheeled operating recommendations
    • Public transport line optimization suggestions
    • District general suggestion line structuring
    • Detection of lack of integration and development of suggestions

The works carried out within the scope of the preparation of short-term highway and intersection projects;

  • Intersection traffic counts
    • Traffic counts and drone shots at 25 junctions
  • Preparing level crossing geometrical arrangement preliminary projects and testing with simulation
    • Preparation of preliminary projects and microsimulation studies
  • Preparation of the city traffic plan
    • Preparation of a 15 km circulation plan

Summary suggestions have been made for existing rail system stations;

  • Bicycle parks should be provided at all stations
  • Ensuring pedestrian safety with pedestrian crossings and signaling
  • Firstly, determining the stations that need to create a car park
  • Determination of the stations to be provided with tire wheeled transportation integration.
  • Province İSTANBUL
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Eyüpsultan Municipality

    Plan and Project Directorate

  • Work Schedule 2019-2020
  • Scope of the Work
    • Collection of Existing Information
    • Planning of Rail System Investments
    • Planning of Highway Investments
    • Preparation of Parking Lot Strategy Plan
    • Preparation of Rubber Wheel Public Transport Plan
    • Preparation of Short Term Highway and Intersection Projects