İzmir Public Transport Master Plan

Planning of the transportation system of the future is done by means of transportation master plans. In order to be able to predict the closest to the right, the future demand for the expected travel demand will be met by all possible types of transportation and which routes / routes will be met.
it is important to be detected correctly and reliably.

The main purpose of his work is to prepare a holistic implementation action plan for public transport policies in line with the “promotion of non-motorized transportation”, “reduction of automobile dependency” and “traffic demand management” strategies within the scope of UPI 2030.

With the optimization of the tire wheeled public transportation system outside the city center area and its integration into the central city transportation system in order to increase the urban environment and life quality and to increase the level of service in transportation by taking into account the 2030 targeted transportation policies and wheeled public transportation strategies developed within the scope of UPI 2030. is the integration of maritime transport.

The working area of ​​this plan covers the Inner Bay and the Outer Bay, where the sea transportation of Izmir is provided.

Taking into consideration the transportation policies and tire wheeled public transportation planning strategies that emerged within the scope of UPI 2030, short and medium, which includes the provision of sustainable solutions such as the institutionalization of private sector public transportation enterprises outside the city center, the establishment of service integrity, the increase of efficiency and public transportation usage rate, and the development of maritime transportation. term implementation plans have been prepared.

  • Bus line arrangement
  • Parking systems arrangement
  • Ferry line arrangements
  • Bicycle transportation arrangements
  • Business Administration
  • It has made arrangements for disclosure and remuneration policies.
  • Control of the planned business
  • Ensuring business coordination
  • Ensuring control and safety
  • Ensuring that the smart filling system is working
  • Personnel transfer and passenger information in failing services
  • Ensuring regular parking
  • Intelligent passenger information systems
  • Business plans
  • Access to important points
  • Cancellation and delay notification
  • Integration of all systems with each other
  • Transportation systems information platform

In 4 Working Regions; WINTER PERIOD in 92 LINES, SUMMER PERIODS IN 35 LINES selected from these lines.
With the study conducted, the time of departure, vehicle license plate and number of passengers were collected on the basis of trip and direction.

  • Province İZMİR
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
    Transportation Department

  • Work Schedule 2018-2019
  • Scope of the Work
    • Collection of Baseline Data
    • New Information Collection Field Studies
    • Western Region Public Transport Optimization
    • Southern Region Public Transport Optimization
    • Eastern Region Public Transport Optimization
    • Northern Region Public Transport Optimization
    • Developing proposals and creating an action plan