İzmir Transportation Master Plan 2030

The working area of the UPI 2030 study covers 30 districts and 1,293 neighborhoods within the boundaries of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Within the boundary of the study area, mobility and problems in the city were identified with preliminary research. Following the collection of available information, field studies were carried out in 2015-2016 to update the database and eliminate deficiencies, was completed by the end of 2017.

Transportation models created for İzmir were calibrated using data obtained from household transportation research and traffic counts. In order to enter the model in determining the journey demand forecasts to be created in the UPI 2030 target year, future forecasts for the population, employment, workforce, number of students, income status and automobile ownership of traffic analysis zones were made.

With the use of socioeconomic data obtained from the projection study in the model, number of trips, mobility rates were found. Assuming that no new transportation investments were made until the target year and that the city developed only in accordance with the zoning plans, the trend scenario that will occur will be determined.

The rapid population and automobile ownership increase and the increase in the number of trips in parallel will have negative effects on urban transportation. In order to minimize these disadvantages, strategic decisions regarding urban transportation have been made and a transport master plan has been developed in line with these strategies.

  • Automobile Dependency Reduction
  • Fast and High Capacity Public Transport Network Development
  • Transportation Plan & Land Use and Development Plans Integration
  • Integrated Planning and Management
  • Economic Efficiency
  • Non-Motorized Mobility Promotion
  • Meeting Access Needs
  • Preferring Eco-Friendly Transportation Systems
  • Disabled Accessibility Consideration
  • Participatory Planning Process
  • Public Health and Safety Conservation
  • Coordination and Cooperation

Within the scope of UPI 2030, solution suggestions were created within the framework of public transportation system, transfer centers, pedestrian and bicycle transportation, parking system, highway infrastructure and traffic system, urban freight transportation system, transportation to intercity and surrounding settlements and institutional and legal structuring.

  • Province İZMİR
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
    Transportation Department

  • Work Schedule 2015-2017
  • Scope of the Work
    • Current Due Diligence
    • Collection of New Information
    • Detection of Current Problems and Deficiencies
    • Creating Model Entries
    • Target Year Socioeconomic Projections and Travel Forecasts
    • Alternative Scenarios
    • Transportation Master Plan
    • Rail System Planning
    • Wheeled Public Transport Planning
    • Marine Transportation Planning
    • Transfer Center Arrangements
    • Intermediate Public Transport Planning
    • Intercity and Environmental Settlement Terminal Areas Planning
    • Pedestrian Transport Planning
    • Disabled Transport Planning
    • Bicycle Transportation Planning
    • Highway Regulations
    • Parking Arrangements
    • Urban Freight Transport Regulations
    • Institutional Building Recommendations