Kahramanmaraş Transportation Master Plan 2030

Kahramanmaraş Transportation Master Plan (KAMUAP) has been prepared for the transportation needs of the city center and the regions outside the center. In this context, the “Transportation Demand Forecast Model” was developed by determining the current situation of the city center area.

The 2030 target and interim year values of socio-economic data such as population, employment, labor force, number of students, income and automobile ownership, which will be input to the four-stage transportation demand forecasting model established for Kahramanmaraş, were calculated. Travel predictions were made by entering the calculated value into the model.

In terms of managing demand in transportation planning, transportation types should be considered as a system and public transportation systems should be planned in parallel with road systems. Here, public transportation system solutions form the basis of the transportation master plan process, as public transportation system alternatives will be a guiding tool for road proposals.

Within the scope of KAMUAP, the current situation was analyzed on the issues of public transportation system, highway infrastructure and traffic system, parking system, pedestrian and bicycle transportation, urban freight transportation system, transportation with intercity and surrounding settlements, and institutional and legal structuring; Sustainable transportation policies and strategies were determined by evaluating the problems and inadequacies and solution proposals were created in line with these policies and strategies.

  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality

    Department of Transportation Services

  • Work Schedule 2019-2020
  • Scope of the Work
    • Collection and Evaluation of Available Information
    • Collection of New Information
    • Transportation and Traffic Improvement Projects
    • Creation of the Transportation Model
    • Creating Target Year Projections
    • Identifying Current and Future Problems
    • Generating Alternatives and Testing in the Model
    • Selection of Public Transport Road Network-Type Plan Alternatives
    • Preparation of Preliminary Projects of Selected Alternatives
    • Preparation of Priority Rail System Line Preliminary Projects
    • Preparation of Priority Rail System Line Pre-Feasibility Studies
    • Trainings