Kocaeli Outlet Junction Preliminary And Implementation Projects

The corridor with the designed bridge crossing, side roads and access roads where the traffic survey was conducted is the ~1km axis on the Ömer Türkaçal Boulevard between Sarı Creek in the north and Fırat Street which is one of the industry entrances in the south. Ömer Türkçakal Boulevard is used as an alternative to D-130 which provides connection between İzmit city center and Gölcük. It provides access to many shopping centers, auto galleries, international fair centers and industrial sites along the way. The existing road serves to a high traffic volume.

There are entrances and exits of many facilities on the Ömer Türkçakal Boulevard and there are no deceleration and acceleration lanes for these entrances and exits. This situation poses a threat for the transit traffic and creates heavy traffic by leading the traffic to slow down. In addition, the intersections with signalling also cause delays. A bridge crossing was designed on the busy route in order to reduce traffic congestion.

  •     Project main road is 1.310 m long
  •     Length of east and west side roads is 1,020 m
  •     Main road is 2x2 lanes, 2 lane side roads to both parallel main roads
  •     Road width is 43 m together with the main road and the side roads
  •     Both the left and right viaducts designed have 6 openings and their lengths are 180.25 m and 170.09 m respectively
  •     The width of the viaduct superstructure is 10.25 m and there are 7 prestressed pretensioned precast adjacent I beams of 120 cm height
  •     All foundations of the prestressed beam twin bridge have piled foundation system
  •     There is an I-beam of 1.30 m x 3.5 m size at the central piers of the bridge
  •     Earthquake model is created considering the North viaduct and the South viaduct with the same opening and pier height is also checked.
  •     Soil improvement settlement (time and amount) analyses  are carried out with ~5000 pieces of stone columns.
  • Province KOCAELİ
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality

    Department of Transportation

    Transportation Planning and Survey Project Office

  • Work Schedule 2015-2016
  • Scope of the Work
    • Route Projects
    • Bridge Projects
    • Traffic Study, Simulation and Facility Entrances and Exists
    • Traffic Implementation Projects
    • Drilling, Geological-Geotechnical Studies
    • Drainage Projects
    • Survey Report
    • Geotechnical Study Reports
    • Infrastructure-Displacement Projects
    • Lighting Projects
    • 3-D Perspectives