Company Profile

Boğaziçi Proje Mühendislik A.Ş. is a leading company with experience and specialization in transportation planning and engineering sector since 2005. The experience and know how gained increases day by day with the projects completed at home and abroad, mainly in Turkey. We conduct infrastructure and transportation projects with a people oriented approach in line with our basic principles, by considering the economic, social and environmental factors in the construction of stronger, safer, more sustainable, accessible and fair transportation systems in the cities. In line with our total quality target, with the Continuous Improvement approach, we try to improve the quality of our services with the participation of our employees, maximize customer satisfaction in order to set an example in our sector by complying with the laws and the requirements of concerned parties. With its expert staff and advanced software and hardware infrastructure, our company uses state of the art technology in the most efficient and accurate manner for modern and environmentally friendly solutions in the transportation sector, by bringing together the professionals under its roof to contribute transportation standards in Turkey and the world. Our team has an interdisciplinary composition with team members from different professions such as city planning, civil engineering, transportation planning, economy, architecture, map engineering and industrial engineering. The internal organization of our company consists of five departments: 

  • Transportation Planning
  • Rail System Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Road and Engineering Structures
  • Consultancy Services
Our Vision

Our Vision

  • Fast and Safe Access
  • A Sustainable Urban Life
  • People Oriented Planning Rather Than Vehicle Oriented Planning
  • Environment Friendly Solutions with the Selection and Integration of the Correct Transportation Modes
  • Most Efficient Utilization of the Financial Resources

Our Company Policy

At Boğaziçi Proje; we use modern project technologies in the most efficient and accurate manner, help users to manage physical resources, try to contribute to developing standards in Turkey, adopt serving customers with a team of professionals as our mission in line with our total quality target, improve our service quality with the "Continuous Improvement" approach, maximize customer satisfaction by complying with the laws and the requirements of concerned parties, care for the occupational health and safetyand the environment beyond the laws, support the improvement of our service quality with the participation of all employees, ensure the sustainability of the management systems and continuous development as a company policy.

We believe that we will reduce pollution by improving the awareness of our employees, suppliers and the social environment that we live in and create a livable world altogether. With all our effort, we are trying to set an example in terms of quality by managing our services with the participation of our employees who strive to protect the clean environment where happy people live and to reduce the environmental pollution with efforts beyond the minimum requirements of the laws.

Our Company Policy