We try to design future transportation networks to be reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly so that everyone will be able to access and use them. We conduct on-site surveys to analyze the aging infrastructure and transportation needs of rapidly developing and growing cities. We develop interdisciplinary solutions that support the new transportation technologies with participatory planning and including all actors by projecting the transport modes, demographic and socioeconomical structure of the region for the specified target year by updating the current transportation data with the relevant institutions with around 300 staff members working in the field studies.

Main studies that we conduct within the scope of this expertise are:

  • Urban Transportation Master Plans
  • Transportation Modeling and Demand Forecast Studies
  • Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Bicycle Master Plan
  • Parking Master Plan
  • Urban Public Transport Master Plan
  • Rail System Route Feasibility Studies
  • Road Route Feasibility Studies
  • Logistics Master Plan
  • Urban Accessibility Plans