Izmir Parking Master Plan

Today, vehicle ownership is increasing in parallel with the increasing population of cities. Motor vehicles need parking space both before and at the end of the journey in the city, but the capacity of the car parks produced for vehicle trips reaches saturation in a short time and become insufficient. The effort to create a new parking lot capacity, which is produced to overcome this situation, has high cost for the city budget and negative life consequences for the citizens.

Within this framework, it was decided to prepare the Izmir City-wide Vehicle Parking Areas Strategic Management Action Plan (EPİ-Parking Lot) considering the target year transportation policies and parking strategies developed within the scope of UPI 2030. The study area covers 1293 neighborhoods in 30 districts within the borders of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Within the scope of the study, in order to increase the urban environment and quality of life and to increase the level of service in transportation, the development of solutions for existing problems and the increase in the number of motor vehicles participating in traffic each year, by determining the demand / capacity relationship across the city, etc. Short, medium and long-term plans are prepared for environmentally friendly, egalitarian, user-friendly, flexible and sustainable solutions in managing the demand for car parking space that may arise due to factors.

In order to reveal the existing parking lot infrastructure of the city within the borders of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İzelman A.Ş., which operates the car park on behalf of the municipality, was compiled and the existing parking inventory and database were created by collecting data from the Directorate of Maps and Geographic Information Systems and district municipalities. In addition, the parking areas in the zoning plans were analyzed and a database of zoning plan car parks was created.

A synthesis study was carried out to determine the parking areas with the current situation analysis. In this context, according to the type of parking request, the city center and sub-centers and regions that require parking in the focus of housing and non-residential journeys were evaluated separately. At the end of this evaluation, “parking zones” were created according to the parking demand and character of the traffic analysis zones.

Within the scope of the study, firstly, the conceptual framework and basic concepts related to parking areas, legal regulations, transportation demand management policies and parking management strategies included in these policies are included. In addition to this, the applications of the suggestions developed together with the parking demand calculated on the basis of the zone on the basis of the region and the investment plan step are also included.

Within the scope of the study, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Parking Regulation Implementation Principles Draft prepared by the Department of Zoning and Urbanization, based on the Parking Regulation of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and a "Parking Regulation Application Principles Draft", in which the principles related to general and regional parking lots are also regulated. ”Was prepared.

The types of car parks, general / regional car parks and building / parcel car parks design standards, horizontal and vertical markings, car park operation rules and minimum parking quantities that must be provided according to the use of national, international legislation and the examination of sample design guidelines specific to international cities. and minimum parking quantities are determined according to the uses in international examples.

  • Province İZMİR
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    İzmir Metropolitan Municipality

  • Work Schedule 2018-
  • Scope of the Work
    • Current Parking Inventory
    • Detection of Parking Lot Use by Regions
    • Determination of Parking Requirement
    • Policy and Implementation Decisions
    • Parking Regulation
    • Design Standards
    • Software Supply