Konya Bicycle Transportation Master Plan (BİSUAP) 2030

In line with the strategies of "Promoting Non-Motorized Transportation", "Reducing Automobile Addiction" and "Traffic Demand Management" determined within the scope of KONUAP 2030, a holistic application action plan was needed for "Bicycle Transportation", and starting from this, sub-scale implementation action plans within the scope of Konya Cycling Transportation Master Plan has been prepared.

In the field studies, determination of the characteristics of existing bicycle paths, bicycle user surveys, bicycle corridor counts, shared bicycle system surveys and potential bicycle user interviews were carried out.

The recommendations made within the scope of the study are under the following headings

  • Bicycle Network Recommendation
  • Bicycle Tourism Network Recommendations
  • Cycling Infrastructure Facilities Development Plan
  • Integration and Regulatory Recommendation with Other Transportation Systems
  • Technological Infrastructure, Innovative Approach and Integration Recommendations
  • Travel Safety Advice
  • Institutional Structure and Business Audit in Sustainable Planning Recommenation
  • Shared Bicycle System Recommendations
  • Bicycle Path Preliminary Projects
  • Province KONYA
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Konya Metropolitan Municipality

    Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems

  • Work Schedule 2018-2019
  • Scope of the Work
    • Collection of Current and New Information and assessment
    • International Practice Examples and Benchmarking Studies
    • Development of Bicycle Implementation Strategies
    • Development of Bicycle Transport Master Plan (BISUAP) Recommendations
    • Development of Incentive and Monitoring and Evaluation Policies for Bicycle and Pedestrian Access
    • Establishing Design and Implementation Standards