Erzurum Traffic and Smart City Master Plan

Erzurum Traffic and Smart City Master Plan (EAUAP) study is aimed at determining the urgent needs and problems that arise in the districts of Erzurum city center create solutions in solving them.  EAUAP recommendations have been prepared under 3 main business.

Within the scope of Bus Transit System Rehabilitation Studies, public transport systems operating in the city center were studied and regulation proposals were developed, public transport lines without electronic tickets were examined, action plans for the integration of all public transport, city-wide wage and fleet structuring policies and corporate transformation strategies were created.

In the Smart City Master Plan, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) strategies and vision were determined, dynamic intersection control systems (DICS) and selected intersections were projected, and Electronic Control Systems (ECS) planning was made.

The Traffic Emergency Action Plan Study is explained in detail under the Transportation and Traffic Engineering works.

  • Province ERZURUM
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality

    Transportation Department

  • Work Schedule 2019-2020
  • Scope of the Work
    • Collection and Evaluation of Current Situation Information
    • Public Transport Passenger Counts
    • Current Situation Analysis of Urban Public Transport System
    • Urban Public Transport Rehabilitation Plan
    • Creating the Smart City Master Plan and Transportation Visions
    • Dynamic Intersection Control Systems Master Plan and Intersection Projects
    • Electronic Control Systems Master Plan