Erzurum Traffic and Smart City Master Plan

Erzurum Transportation Master Plan (EUAP) was prepared in 2013 by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality (EBB) for the study area covering 3 central districts in Erzurum Province. In the process, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality needed to develop solutions for the urgent needs and problems that arise in the city center of Erzurum. For this purpose, Erzurum Traffic and Smart City Master Plan (EAUAP) Study, whose studies will be carried out by taking into consideration the EUAP transportation policies and strategies, was carried out.

With this study, the urgent needs and problems arising in the districts forming the city center of Erzurum
It is aimed to determine and develop solutions.

EAUAP proposals are aimed to be prepared under 3 main business items. These; Traffic Emergency Action Plan Study, Tire Wheeled Public Transport System Rehabilitation Studies and Smart City Master Plan
Study is.

Flight counts in rubberized public transportation vehicles; It has been collected according to the line name, direction of travel, time of departure, vehicle license plate. In order to ensure system efficiency, the number of passengers per vehicle, kilometers per vehicle, the number of passengers per kilometer, capacity occupancy rate, operating speed, line length-tour number relationship, service frequency, reliability indices were calculated.

In Erzurum, arrangements have been made on main lines, connecting lines, rural lines, transit lines, and urban lines. As a result of the studies, new bus lines; It is to design and implement an advanced city management system for the urban road and local traffic control, which includes signaling Intelligent Transportation System components and uses warning devices in Erzurum.

AUS policies and goals achieved;

  • Increasing transportation security
  • Comfortable transportation and increasing mobility
  • To reduce environmental impacts
  • To reduce the time and costs lost in transportation
  • Information sharing
  • Interagency integration

Units developed in Erzurum with action plans;

  • Transportation network management
  • Public transport management
  • Supervision systems
  • Parking lot management
  • Information systems
  • Payment and pricing systems
  • Administrative capacity
  • Traffic Safety

Signaling arrangements were carried out in 42 intersections in total along dynamic intersection control systems.

Full traffic alerted intersection management at 17 intersections
Signal coordination application in 23 junctions
Semi-traffic stimulated intersection management in 2 intersections

  • Province ERZURUM
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality

    Transportation Department

  • Work Schedule 2019-2020
  • Scope of the Work
    • Collection and Evaluation of Existing Information
    • Junction Traffic Counts and Reporting
    • Public Transport Hop-on Hop-Counts
    • Urban Rubber Wheel Public Transport System Current Situation Analysis
    • Erzurum City Center Traffic Circulation Routing Plan
    • Urban Public Transport Rehabilitation Plan
    • Level Crossing Geometric Arrangement, Creation of Preliminary Projects and Control with Simulation
    • Creating Smart City Master Plan and Transport Visions
    • Dynamic Junction Control Systems Master Plan and Junction Projects
    • Electronic Control Systems Master Plan
    • Domestic Traffic Engineering Education
    • Domestic Traffic Simulation Training
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems Training