We produce technical, aesthetic, sustainable and affordable solutions within the scope of engineering. While we produce urban and intercity route projects, we also carry out the engineering design services of bridges, tunnels and various engineering structures on the routes as well. Our aim is to complete projects that contribute to the global engineering approach in our field.

  • Highway Projects in various country standards (AASHTO, Eurocode, SNIP, etc.)
  • Highways and State Roads Implementation Projects
  • Interchange Implementation Projects
  • Bridge, Viaduct and Tunnel Implementation Projects
  • Determination of Earthquake Performance of Existing Structures and Rettrofitting Projects
  • Non-linear structures, Time-history and Push-over Analyses on the Buildings
  • Soil Survey and Field Studies
  • Hydraulic, Geological, Geophysical and Geotechnical Reports
  • Site-Specific Earthquake Risk Analyses
  • Analyses of Soil Behavior Under Earthquake Effects
  • Assessment of Soil Liquefaction Risk Under Earthquake Effects
  • Soil Improvement Projects
  • Field Soil Properties On-Site Improvement Projects
  • 3D Structure-Soil Interaction (SSI) Analyses
  • Drainage and Infrastructure Implementation Projects
  • Expropriation Projects
  • Technical Specifications and Tender Documents Reports