Malta Gozo Lighthouse Road Regulation

Malta Gozo Lighthouse Roads Regulation Project is the task of ensuring the safety of the roads that are opened vertically in a way that is not suitable for the rock structure and endanger traffic safety with appropriate shoring structures and to provide the road width suitable for the planned traffic volume.

Within the scope of the work, 3D analysis models were established, and a design approach that takes into account the variable ground characteristics and puts safety at the forefront both during and after the production. Depending on the cantilever heights of the shoring structures, it is designed as a single row pile, single row pile retaining wall or double row pile retaining wall.

While preparing the projects, all the relevant specifications of Eurocode, ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) Specifications for Piling and Embedded Retaining Wall Specification, Manual Of Contract Documents For Highway Works, Volume 1-2 , AASHTO, AASHTO-LRFD, ACI Standards was used. Malta Highway Specifications, U.K. Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, U.K Traffic Signs Manual was used. Due to the fact that the work is in the European region, Eurocode was adhered to in all designs, and American specifications were also used in areas where Eurocode was insufficient. The combination of American and European specifications and the combination of different types of structures make this work one of the rarest examples of its kind.

  • Province
  • Country Malta
  • Client

    Meinhardt MALTA

  • Work Schedule 2021-2021
  • Scope of the Work
    • Road Design
    • Pile Retaining Walls Design