Within the scope of our consultancy services, with our consultancy and research team, we provide control, planning, follow-up, consultancy and tender services for the construction of rail systems, roads, engineering structures, industrial buildings and for purchasing vehicles of the rail/cable systems.

Main studies that we conduct in line with the needs of the client within the scope of consultancy services are:

  • Preparation of all Tender Documents and Specifications Required for Project Supply Tender, Tender Process Consultancy
  • Existing Situation Analyses and Alternative Studies
  • Inspection and Consultancy of Preliminary and Implementation Project Process of Construction and Electromechanical Projects of Rail System Line and Storage Areas,
  • Construction - Control of Tender Documents
  • Preparation of all Tender Documents and Technical Specifications Required for Vehicle Supply Tender, Tender Process Consultancy
  • Vehicle Deliveries
  • Vehicle Design and Factory Production Inspection
  • FAT and SAT Tests Surveilance
  • Signalization and Communication Tests
  • Conducting Trial Operation with/without Passengers
  • Commencing Commercial Operations and Provisional Acceptance Procedures