Antalya Rail System 2nd Stage Vehicle Purchase Consultancy and Stage 3 Project Consultancy

Within the scope of the work, supervision and consultancy services for survey and project works for Antalya 3rd Stage light rail system and 2nd stage Meydan-Airport-EXPO line rail system vehicle consultancy services were provided.

As it is anticipated that there will be a need for new rail system vehicles for the existing and additional lines within the scope of Antalya 2nd and 3rd stage rail system projects, a proposal has been made for the evaluation and determination of the number of new rail system vehicles to be purchased. Technical specifications and tender documents, which will be the basis for the procurement tender, have been prepared by carrying out examination and research on the new rail system vehicles to be purchased. During the procurement of Rail System vehicles; and the consultancy services were provided to the administration during the procurement, evaluation and finalization of the tender during the rail system vehicle procurement tender. 

During the supply of vehicles, the company contacted the manufacturer and provided technical consultancy on monitoring the production of the vehicles in accordance with the technical specifications, performing factory tests and performing performance tests before the vehicles were put into commercial operation. After the completion of the 2nd stage of the training and delivery of spare parts, the commissioning process was followed. Integration of 1st Stage and 2nd Stage Tools is provided.

Suggestions have been prepared for the operation plans of the 3rd Stage Light Rail Line in coordination with the 2nd Stage Square-Airport-EXPO Rail Line and the 1st Stage Light Rail Line (flight intervals, waiting time at stops, number of vehicles, etc.). The vehicle specification required in the 3rd Stage rail system project between Varsak and Zerdalilik was prepared and its integration with other systems was aimed.

3. Stage Light Rail System (Approximately 23 km) Survey - Project Supervision and Consultancy Services within the scope of the determination of the needs of the administration, preparation of all necessary specifications, finalization of the survey-project tender and finalization of all the preliminary and application projects prepared following supervision and consultancy services was introduced.

Supervision and consultancy services were provided for the etude projects of the bus station area rail system transfer center underground station and tunnel connections.

Preliminary Survey, Feasibility Study, Preliminary Projects, Application Projects (line, stop, intersection, transformer route connections, etc.) prepared for each line were reported and submitted to the approval of the administration.

Stage 3 Transportation and Feasibility Study was prepared for Varsak-Zerdalilik line and Bus Station Area Transfer Center and approval of the AYGM and the Ministry of Development was made. During the work, the credit institution was informed by monthly reports.

  • Province ANTALYA
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Antalya Metropolitan Municipality 

    Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems

  • Work Schedule 2015-2018
  • Scope of the Work
    • Corridor Transportation Studies Supervision
    • Soil Investigation Supervision
    • Survey Measurement and Drawing Control
    • Supervision of Final Projects
    • Infrastructure Final Projects Supervision
    • Electromechanical and Installation Final Projects Supervision
    • Supervision of Final Art Projects
    • Storage Area and Workshop Final Projects Supervision
    • Corridor Feasibility Studies
    • Vehicle Supply Consultancy Services
    • Antalya 1st and 2nd Phase Vehicle Integration Works
    • Antalya 3. Preparation of Technical Specification for Stage Rail System Purchase