Malta Airport Interchange

Malta Airport Interchange is seen as Malta's busiest interchange after Malta Marsa interchange. Within the scope of the Malta Airport Interchange work, the traffic count of the interchange, the interchange design alternatives, the current situation and the current and future traffic volume predictions for the designed project, as well as the traffic simulations to be tested, and the 3D models of the interchange have been completed by considering the European Standards.

One of the branches with the highest traffic volume is designed as a directional bridge with a bridge. The main axis leading to the airport is underground with an underpass. While the interchange was being designed, the art structure that was first seen at the airport exit was designed in a way that would not disturb visibility.

At the end of the project, the administration has put up a construction tender with the project we have presented.

All relevant specifications of Eurocode, Specifications for Piling and Embedded Retaining Wall Specifications of ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers), Manual Of Contract Documents For Highway Works, Volume 1-2, AASHTO, AASHTO-LRFD, ACI Standards were used when designing for the Construction Tender. Malta Highway Technical Specification, U.K. Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, the UK Traffic Signs Manual was also used. The feasibility of all the structures that will be manufactured by ensuring the standards of the relevant specifications has been analyzed and exploratory studies have been carried out in this direction.

  • Province
  • Country Malta
  • Client

    Infrastructure MALTA.

  • Work Schedule 2019-2019
  • Scope of the Work
    • Traffic Counting
    • Design of the Intersection for the Tender
    • Current State Traffic Simulations
    • Design and Simulation of Traffic for the Future Traffic Volume
    • 3D Modeling