Malta Marsa Junction

The Malta Marsa Junction project is a European Union Project, a total of 7 separate bridges and three different levels of road bridges, roads and infrastructure projects. The project area is located at the intersection of Addolorata, Santa Lucija, Garibaldi and Sir Paul Boffa Streets, the most critical road links of Malta Island, with the highest traffic volumes of the island; It provides connections between the historic city center, residential areas, industry, ports and airports.

In the project where there are 7 bridges in total, 2 of the bridges are made of steel beams and the remaining bridges are prestressed concrete beams. Within the scope of the project, in addition to the vehicle bridges, 3 reinforced concrete towers and pedestrian bridges with steel vault hanging system, 2 underground water reservoir structures, 4 overhead plate steel carrier systems, underground infrastructure grids of approximately 2200 meters length, retaining wall of 1300 meters length There are 100 meter long bridge approach walls, 500 meter long 132 kV culvert structure, guardrail projects, electrical lighting projects, rain water and drainage projects, infrastructure (electricity, drinking water, waste water, telecom) projects.

One of the most sensitive points of the project is to continue the construction activities by affecting the existing traffic flows to a minimum level in the country with the highest traffic. For this purpose, traffic counts and surveys were carried out at the intersection before the construction activities and traffic displacement projects were prepared to enable the designs at the intersection to be made in stages. All traffic displacement project alternatives were modeled using traffic micro-simulation software and new traffic situations were analyzed.

In preparing the projects, all relevant Eurocode specifications, ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) Specifications for Piling and Embedded Retaining Wall Specifications, Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works, Volume 1-2, AASHTO, AASHTO-LRFD It was exploited. Malta Highway Specification, U.K. The Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, U.K Traffic Signs Manual was used. Due to the fact that the work is in the European region, Eurocode has been adhered to in all designs and American specifications have been used in areas where Eurocode is inadequate. The combination of American and European specifications and the co-operation of different types of structures make this work one of the rare examples of this type.

Reinforced concrete prestressed girder bridges and steel composite bridges were modeled both separately and together with finite element programs such as SAP2000 and MIDAS CIVIL, the behavior of the structures together and separately were analyzed and analyzed under ground motions and under service. Since the support conditions and deflection characteristics of steel composite and prestressed girder composite bridges are different, special supports (both pot and elastomeric) and special mechanical joints are designed on the bridges.

  • Province
  • Country Malta
  • Client

    Ayhanlar Road Asphalting Industry and Trade Inc. Malta Branch

  • Work Schedule 2018-2019
  • Scope of the Work
    • 7 Pieces Bridge Design (prestressed beam and steel beam)
    • Foundation and Retaining System Design
    • Route Design
    • 3 Pedestrian Bridge Designs
    • 2 Reservoir Designs
    • 2200 meters Grill Design
    • Retaining and Approach Walls Design
    • Infrastructure Designs
    • Drainage, Lighting, Guardrail and Traffic Sign Designs
    • Traffic Displacement Projects
    • Traffic Micro-Simulation Analysis
    • 3D Modeling