Silopi Beltway And Bridge Crossing Connection And Truck Park Infrastructure Study Projects

Projected route leaves the existing Cizre-Silopi-Habur State Highway approximately 6,5 km before the Silopi county center, passes around 4km south of the Silopi county center and ends at the Tir Park Interchage. It covers the 16.615 km section between Km:0+584.821 - Km:17+200.00 of Silopi Beltway within the boundaries of 9th Regional Directorate of Highways.

With the Silopi Beltway to be built, it is aimed to have heavy road vehicles enter and exit the border and arrive at the "TIR Park Area" and "Habur Border Gate" in an uninterrupted manner without entering the city center and thus to increase traffic flow rate and volume. According to the new project studies, it is planned to build a divided high-speed transit road with high standards and increased traffic safety.

International energy transmission lines along the route also played an important role in determining the horizontal route. Due to the displacement costs and transportation difficulty of the 30m high electric poles, the poles in all the areas where the route intersects with the power transmission lines have been preserved.

There are two bridges along the route; they are the Celal Creek Bridge (Km:5+604,821 - 5+674,821) and the Beşbin River Bridge (Km:13+104,821 - 13+259,821). Bridge projects are not included within the scope of this project.

In order to avoid preventing the existing transportation of the village roads intersecting with the road route, three underpasses were planned; one at Km:1+121.401 with 9.0X5.0 size, one at Km:3+245.646 with 12.0X5.0 size and one at Km:9+094.369 with 5.0X5.0 size.

Habur Border TIR Park Area has not been able to meet the demands in terms of security, operation, social facilities and capacity since 2008. Therefore a new TIR park area was needed. Silopi TIR Park Area is planned on 66.18ha area on the Silopi-Habur State Highway about 2.5 km away from the Habur Border Gate. In the Final Project, an interchange with different levels was designed with 8 entry and 8 exit platforms to compensate the traffic density. With this interchange, it is aimed to regulate the dense entry and exit traffic of the TIR park area and to ensure the uninterrupted flow of highway traffic.

  • Province ŞIRNAK
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Sirnak Governorship

    Special Provincial Administration

  • Work Schedule 2009-2011
  • Scope of the Work
    • Highway, Bridge, Underpass and Overpass Implementation Projects
    • Technical Infrastructure Implementation Projects
    • TIR Park Urban Design
    • TIR Park Final Projects
    • Traffic Studies and Simulations
    • Triangulation Measurement and Drawing
    • Drilling, Geological-Geotechnical Studies
    • Geotechnical Reports
    • Hydraulic Calculation Reports
    • Expropriation Projects
    • Quantity Survey Report
    • Drainage Projects
    • Lighting Projects
    • Planning and Feasibility Report
    • 3-D Perspectives