Gaziantep City Center Railway System Implementation Projects

Within the scope of "Gaziantep City Center Transportation - Traffic Study, Road - Interchange and Rail System Application Projects"; Existing transportation and traffic studies have been carried out within the determined working area, application projects have been prepared by determining the rail system route, and traffic regulation projects have been produced considering the rail system project.

In Light Rail System Route and Depot Application Projects (including Route, Depot and Connection line)

  •     13.5 km Light Rail System Route-Railway Application Project
  •     Preparation and Control of Map, Geological Surveys of the Route
  •     Reinforced Concrete, Infrastructure and Drainage Application Projects of the Route
  •     3.000 m2 Culvert, Retaining Wall and Art Structures Application Projects
  •     45.000m2 Warehouse Site Map, Geological Studies and Application Projects
  •     Architectural, Static, Electrical, Mechanical, Catenary Application Projects of 10.140m2 Workshop Building and Auxiliary Facilities,
  •     Discovery-Quantity-Specification and Tender Files
  • Province GAZİANTEP
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality

    Department of Science Affairs

  • Work Schedule 2009-2009
  • Scope of the Work
    • Compilation and Evaluation of Information on the Current Situation
    • Rail System Application Projects
    • City Center Transportation-Traffic Study, Projects and Simulation
    • Preparation of Depot Site Application Projects