Kocaeli North Light Rail System (LRT) Line Project And Feasibility Study

The Northern Light Rail System Line (LRT) projects and feasibility studies were prepared in line with the travel demands determined within the scope of Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan (KUAP).

The Northern LRS Line route starts from Körfez county Atalar Locality, follows the D-100 Highway and ends at Tütünçiftlik-Derince-İzmit-Yahya Kaptan-Köseköy Cengiz Topel Airport.

Said backbone line provides the connection of Izmit, Derince, Korfez and Kartepe county centers with each other and with the İzmit city center. The main area that the line serves, includes residential areas, important urban activity areas and business areas.

It is planned to open the line in two phases in 2020 and 2025. The system has a total length of approximately 33.3km, the 25-km section, the Dubai Port-Uzunçiftlik section will be completed in the first phase and the extension of the line in the east and west directions will be completed in 2025.

Line route starts from the underground in the Körfez Atalar Neighborhood, surfaces in the Factories region at the east, turns into a viaduct at Köseköy station, turns back into level structure and follows the D100 Highway and the line ends at the Cengiz Topel Airport. The line continues for 24 km as underground, 6.2 km as level and 3.1km as viaduct along the route. The line that will have a total of 23 stations, 17 stations will be underground, 5 station will be level and 1 station will be viaduct.

According to its operating characteristics, it is calculated that the system will carry 9.211 passengers at the peak hour in single direction in the opening year, this value will reach to 17.168 passengers in the main plan target year 2035 and to 25.856 passengers in 2050.

When the 2035 year model assignment results are considered specific to the rail system line, number of total passengers at the peak hour in single direction will reach to on the route 34.654 in the target year, to 48.339 at peak hour in both directions, to 425.125 daily and to 144.967.474 annually in both directions.

The North LRS Line (Atalar-Cengiz Topel Rail System Line) is expected to start operating in 2020 with 44 vehicles including the backup vehicles and to reach a fleet size of 167 vehicles in 2050.

Depot area designed on a 250.000 m2 area that covers the vehicle storage area, operation and control center (TCC) and maintenance workshops will depart from the main line after Yahya Captain at Km:24+300.

Signalized intersections are arranged in the areas intersecting with the highway and all pedestrian, rail system and road safety are maximized.

  • Province KOCAELİ
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality

    Department of Transportation

  • Work Schedule 2014-2015
  • Scope of the Work
    • Transportation and Traffic Studies
    • Drilling, Geological-Geotechnical Studies
    • Geotechnical Report
    • Mapping and Triangulation Preparation
    • Route Preliminary Projects
    • Station Preliminary Projects
    • Storage-Workshop Facilities Preliminary Projects
    • Electromechanical Preliminary Projects
    • Transfer Centers Design Projects
    • Temporary Traffic Circulation Projects
    • Expropriation Documents
    • Infrastructure Projects
    • Drainage Projects
    • Quantity Survey Reports
    • Feasibility Report
    • EIA Studies
    • 3-D Perspectives and Animations