Diyarbakir Urban Rail System Line Preliminary and Final Projects

The rail system corridor to be constructed in 2 stages was developed within the scope of Diyarbakır Transportation Master Plan with target year 2025. In the first stage, Dağkapı-Hospital Line and in the second stage, Üniversite-500 Evler Line will be put into service.

Preliminary and final projects of Dağkapı-Hospital Line were prepared. Financial and economic aspects of the line were examined with the Feasibility Study to determine the suitability of the proposed system and sensitivity analysis was conducted. Investment costs, operating costs and operating income were calculated and the profitability and financing of the investment were assessed.

The route projected for the urban rail line starts from the Dağkapı Square and continues up to the Education and Research Hospital in the Kayapınar county. The system with a total length of around 14.3 km, consist of 13.5 km main line and 0.8 km storage connection line. There are 18 level station points planned on the project route. These stations were determined to be compatible with the bus stops that were heavily used in the current situation and integrated with the new developing functions. Planned stops were designed with center platforms in line with proposed vehicle characteristics.

The 8,75 km long route from Dağkapı Square to the Warehouse Connection Line is the main artery of the city, with residential and below-resident commercial use. The rest of the route passes through the recently improving and developing areas of the Kayapınar county in Diyarbakır. The tram line which will continue up to the new Training and Research Hospital along this route will connect the recently developing areas of the city with the city center.

For the opening year of Dağkapı-Hospital line, total number of passengers in both directions was calculated as 149.000 persons daily and 51 million persons annually. By 2040, total number of passengers in both directions was projected as 247.000 persons daily and 84 million persons annually.

The warehouse area will be established in Kayapınar county at main line Km:8+750 at the end of the Storage Connection Line on approximately 83.000m2 area. Maximum 59 vehicles will be able to rest and park in the storage area which will consist of 15 lines. Units such as vehicle storage area, transformer, service building, workshop building and water tank are located within the storage area arrangement.


  • Province DİYARBAKIR
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality

    Department of Transportation

  • Work Schedule 2011-2014
  • Scope of the Work
    • Transportation and Traffic Studies
    • Final Route Projects
    • Final Station Projects
    • Final Storage Area Projects
    • Drilling, Geological-Geotechnical Studies
    • Soil Survey
    • Electrification Reports
    • Drainage Projects
    • Quantity Survey Reports
    • Lighting Projects
    • Temporary Traffic Circulation Projects
    • Road, Interchange Implementation Projects
    • Feasibility Report
    • 3-D Perspectives