Mersin Mezitli-Gar Rail System (LRT) Line Project

It is aimed to connect the west of the city to the city center with the Mezitli-Gar HRS Line provided for in accordance with the travel requests within the scope of the Mersin Transportation Master Plan. In order for public transportation to be a priority in the city, the transportation infrastructure has been envisaged as the first step of rail system line planning. Within the scope of the study, the following studies were carried out for the Mezitli-Gar HRS line;

  •     Transportation Master Plan Mezitli-Station Line Passenger Demand Forecasts and Determination of System Principles
  •     Geological Evaluation of Mezitli-Station Rail System Alternatives (Geotechnical Analysis)
  •    Mezitli-Station Line Alternative Engineering and Architectural Studies: Route work with three different engineering alternatives and Evaluations about station construction types and  its architecture
  •     Traffic Regulation Studies on Alternative Route Types
  •     Comparative Financial-Economic and Social Evaluation Between Alternative Routes

Within the scope of the study, different alternative route studies were carried out along the route, thus, a preliminary project study was carried out for 3 alternative routes, underground, mixed (at level + viaduct + underground) and monorail, and rail system feasibility studies were prepared for each of them.

As a result of the route alternative studies conducted, it was considered appropriate to prepare final projects of the Light Rail System, the feasibility of which was found appropriate in terms of travel values, and the Monorail alternative was not found to be applicable on the approximately 16 km line between Gar-Mezitli by the AYGM.

  • Province MERSİN
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Mersin Metropolitan Municipality

    Department of Transportation

  • Work Schedule 2015-2016
  • Scope of the Work
    • Passenger Demand Forecasts and Determination of System Principles
    • Route Geological Analysis
    • Alternative Engineering and Architectural Studies
    • Route Traffic Regulation Studies