Preparation Of Preliminary Feasibility Studies Of Konya Campus HRS And Ring HRS Lines

This study covers the results of the transportation study and pre-feasibility study of the Ring HRS line and the Campus HRS Line, which are among the priority rail system lines, in line with the passenger demands determined within the scope of the 2030 Konya Metropolitan Area Transportation Master Plan Revision. Transportation and financial-economic feasibility study reports of the Campus HRS Line (University-Aladdin-Meram) and the Ring HRS Line (Medical Faculty-Gar-Fetih-Meram) included in the 2030 targeted Konya Transportation Master Plan submitted to AYGM for approval were prepared separately.

In the feasibility study studies, first of all, the technical specifications for the route of the light rail system projects were specified. Afterwards, the “Transportation Study” work was prepared, in which the model results for the prediction of travel demands were transferred. The projection year of the "Transportation Study" is accepted as 2030 as the projection year of the "Konya Transportation Master Plan". However, the results have been prepared in line with the target of 2050 in order to evaluate the economic and financial situation of the investment. The "Financial and Economic Analysis", in which the annual economic analysis is made by evaluating the benefits and costs that will arise in case of the construction of the lines, in terms of the national economy, and the "Sensitivity Analysis" studies, in which the effect on the profitability of the project is investigated, have been prepared within the scope of the Rail system feasibility studies.

  • Province KONYA
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Konya Metropolitan Municipality

    Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System

  • Work Schedule 2015-2015
  • Scope of the Work
    Preparation of Preliminary Feasibility Studies for Priority Rail System Line