İzmir Bay Crossing and Connections Studies and Projects

This study aims to estimate the vehicle and passenger load that will use the planned «Izmir Bay Crossing and Connections (including Highway and Rail System)", to determine the annual development of the number of vehicles and passengers as inputs to the feasibility study to be prepared, to determine the engineering design standards (number of lanes, rail It was made for the transportation demand forecasting study to be used in determining the system type, etc.).

Data to be used in the project such as EDP plans, transportation master plan report and related information, public transportation data were collected from the General Directorate of Highways and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. With the field work, data that will form the basis of the model were obtained with driver and passenger surveys, speed studies, vehicle counts and occupancy studies.

5 alternative routes and trend alternatives prepared for the bay crossing after the calibration of the transportation model established with the collected data (in case of not making the gulf crossing); For 5 different years, 2013 (current year), 2023, 2033, 2043 and 2070; 3 different pricing scenarios were created. As a result of the analyzes made on 6*5*3=90 assignment files in total, the transit route number 1 was chosen as the most suitable alternative.

Alternative-1 connects to the Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone in the north and the İzmir-Çeşme Highway near the 9 Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty in the Narlıdere region in the south. There is a 1.79 km long immersed tunnel on the part of the route close to the Narlıdere side. The bridge length in the project was determined as 4.25 km. Alternative-1 also provides access to the Inciraltı region for those coming from the north via a trumpet junction in the south.

In this study, projects have been produced for holistic and integrated systems on key points of transportation such as important connection roads, interchanges, and transfer centers. Within the scope of the feasibility prepared for the selected alternative number 1, 4 different pricing scenarios were studied for the other years, except for the year 2070.

  • Province İZMİR
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    2nd Regional Directorate of Highways

  • Work Schedule 2012-2013
  • Scope of the Work
    • Determining the Study Area
    • Collection and Evaluation of Socio-Economic and Demographic Data
    • Identifying Current and Future Transport Infrastructure
    • Collection of Current Traffic Data
    • Survey and Study Studies
    • Establishing the Model and Forecasting Demand
    • Determination of Project Geometric Standards
    • Traffic and Feasibility Reports