Kocaeli Province Western Terminal Main Transfer Center Arrangement Idea Project

The study is aimed to plan a main transfer center where transfers are provided between the rubber-tyred public transportation system foreseen in Kocaeli Province, Izmit District and the planned rail system lines and other transportation types.

In this context, horizontal geometrical arrangement projects and traffic direction regulation and marking in these corridors are carried out in order to eliminate the existing bottlenecks in road capacities and to use the capacity more effectively, to increase the capacity with low-cost arrangements, to ensure road safety, lane balance and consistency in road connections, and to increase traffic fluidity projects were reviewed.

There will be created highways, stops, parking & continue points, stations, pedestrian zones, etc. together with the studies, an idea project of the main transmission center has been prepared in which the entire system is architecturally integrated.

While preparing the intersection projects; transportation, traffic, corridor studies, traffic flow, pedestrian movements, parking, public transportation and all transportation modes were evaluated. Road and junction preliminary project studies have been carried out, taking into account the recommendations of the Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan (KUAP), current and potential vehicle and pedestrian movements, existing or planning zoning plans, all kinds of laws, regulations and regulations related to environmental protection.

The intersection preliminary projects studied were tested with micro-traffic simulations for each peak period, average delay times and service levels per vehicle were calculated for each intersection, and the most suitable alternative was selected by making comparisons between the proposed project alternatives.

  • Province KOCAELİ
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client

    Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality

    Transportation Department

  • Work Schedule 2020-2020
  • Scope of the Work
    • Preparation of the main transfer center status plan
    • Preparation of three-dimensional images
    • Preparation of schematic maps showing the current and proposed transport links of the project
    • Preparation of the transport links project
    • Conducting traffic counts at intersections
    • Preparation of plan profile sheets
    • Preparation of micro traffic simulations