Diyarbakır Transportation Master Plan

The main purpose of the Transportation Master Plan study; In line with the urban development strategies proposed by the city's Master Plan, it is the establishment of basic planning decisions for the transportation and traffic system expected in the future in Diyarbakır, by determining the necessary transportation investments and their priorities, taking into consideration the travel demands expected to occur as of the target year.

For this purpose, it is aimed to increase the comfort level of the people of Diyarbakir with the Transportation Master Plan and to create solutions for macro and micro-scale problems without creating environmental threats, and to create sustainable solutions that can appeal to all segments of the society by using resources efficiently.

Within the scope of the transportation master plan, general policies and strategies have been determined in the fields of the public transportation system, road infrastructure and traffic system, parking system, pedestrian and bicycle transportation, urban freight transportation system, intercity and surrounding settlements and transportation, and institutional and legal structuring; In line with these policies and strategies, solutions were developed.

The following studies have been done for the current due diligence.

  • Inventory of Existing Transportation Infrastructure
  • Provision of Institutional Projects
  • Gathering Institutional Views
  • Field study
    • Households and Dormitory Transportation Surveys 6,068
    • External Station Driver Surveys 1.008
    • Pedestrian Surveys 501
    • Curtain and Cord Counts at 30 Count Points
    • Junction Censuses at 28 Junctions
    • Public Transport Passenger Counts
    • Speed and Delay Studies
      • Private Car Speed Study
      • Public Transport Speed and Latency
  • Parking Studies

In the Household Questionnaire Study, the following studies were conducted.

  • Out of 808.036 people in 176.782 households in 59 neighborhoods, with 6.068 households
  • 25,686 People Interview
  • 93 Field Staff
  • 15 Office Staff
  • It was performed in 30 days (1620 man/day).

If curtain cord counting studies are detailed;

  • 1 Curtain (9 Points)
  • 2 Cords (at 21 Points)
  • 13 hours count and fullness (at 24 points)
  • 24 Hour counting and occupancy (1 Point)
  • 70 Field Staff
  • In 3 Days (210 man/day)

For the external station counting studies;

  • 4 External Station Points
  • Survey and Traffic counts
  • 21 Field Staff
  • It was carried out in 2 days.

  • Province DİYARBAKIR
  • Country Türkiye
  • Client
  • Work Schedule 2011-2014
  • Scope of the Work